Diesel Solutions Electronics, Exhaust, Air Intakes, Power Adders & More
Bully Dog - Electronics- Performance Management, Tuners, Mods, Downloaders, Exhaust Systems - Catback, Stainless Steel, Rapid Flow & Exhaust Tips, Air Intakes - RFI Intakes, Filters, for Ford, Chevy, GM Diesel
Vibratech TVD - Viscous Torsional Silicone Dampers for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines, Fluidampers - Mercury Filled Crankshaft Dampers for Gas and Diesel Engines.
Cummins Filtration - filtration & exhaust systems for Heavy- medium- and light-duty diesel trucks, Industrial equipment, Power generation
TSPerformance - Tuner, Chips, Mods, Calibrators, Chips, Power-Adders, Plug & Plays, Display Monitors, LPG Injection
ATS Diesel- power and efficiency for towing, off-road, recreation, or racing, for GM Duramax, Dodge Cummins, and Ford Powerstroke diesel trucks.
Pittsburgh Power - High Performance Diesel Products- Engines, rebuild kits, Power Box, Oil Filtration, Exhaust, Turbo Kits, Dampers, Balancers, for Cat, Detroit Diesel, Cummins and pick ups
Banks - Electronics & Software, Power Systems, Intakes, Intercoolers, Exhaust, Fuel Injection, & Engine management for Chevy/GM, Ford, & Dodge Diesel Trucks
Edge - modules and programmers - the A2, Juice, Attitude, Evolution, EZ, Insight, Mileage Max, and Trail Jammer- for all major vehicle manufacturers,-
SCT- Custom Tuning Software, Flash Devices, Switch Chips, Data Monitors & more
F.A.S.S Fuel Air Seperation System- enables engine to run more smoothly w/ more response increases fuel mileage and HP
300 Below- Cryrogenic Tempring of Tooling, Brake Rotors, Racing Engines improving the properties of metal components by freezing them at minus 300 degrees Fahrenheit
JCM Machine & Coating - more efficient than Teflon, and helps to elongate the life of you vehicle, increase performance, lower operating tempatures, and much more.
Ceramic Coatings