F.A.S.S. Fuel Air Seperation System

Consistent Engine Performance
Increased Horsepower
Increased Fuel Economy (Saving 8% or more)
Drastically reduces the effects of "Hot Fuel"
Easier/Quicker Starts
Reduced Engine/Cab Noise
Improved All-Weather Performance
Drastically Reduces/Eliminates Black Smoke
Reductions in NOX and Carbon Monoxide
Excellent Cold Weather Performance
Smoother Idle and Quicker Throttle Response
Extended Fuel Filter Life



Includes Fuel Filter, Water Separator, Wire Harness, Mounting Hardware, and Installation Instructions
FASS 95 Series $639.00
90-200 GPH 8-138 PSI
8" x 33/4" x 12" w/ EM-1000 Motor
91/2" x 33/4"x 12" w/ EM-1002 Motor
FASS 150 Series $739.00
90-260 GPH 8-135 + PSI
91/2" x 41/2" x 14" w/ EM-1000 Motor
93/4" x 41/2"x 14" w/ EM-1002 Motor
Removes AIR / Vapor from Your Fuel
Consistent Flow of Fuel
Reliable High Volume Pumps
Increase Horsepower
Increase Torque
Increase Fuel Economy
Easier/Quicker Starts
Excellent Cold Weather Performance
Drastically Reduces/Eliminates Black Smoke
Reduces Carbon Monoxide & Carbon Dioxide
Lifetime Warranty* on Most Applications
13,000 - 15,000 Hour Life Expectancy
That Equates to 500,000 Plus Miles
Up to 260 GPH
160 Maximum PSI
Interchangeable Filters
All Diesel Truck Applications Including Class 8

individual results may vary

*Class 8 Trucks 2 Year Warranty