Caterpillar Power Box
F.A.S.S Fuel Air
Separation System
High Flow No Baffle
Stack Mufflers
Under Chassis
Replacement Muffler Kit
Coated, Ported, Polished
Exhaust Manifolds
Diesel Performance
Turbo Chargers
Ceramic / Teflon Coated

Pittsburgh Power Box Caterpillar Info & Installation Video


Pittsburgh Power Detroit Applications

Detroit DDEC III Power Box
Detroit DDEC IV 12.7 Power Box
Detroit DDEC IV 14.0 Power Box
Detroit DDEC V Power Box

Up to 200 additional horsepower and up to 400 additional ft/lbs of torque, an average of 0.3 MPG improvement and improved engine response all on demand with a turn of the dial. Safeguards engine by cutting fuel if exhaust gas temperatures begin to exceed acceptable ranges

Up to 225 additional horsepower and up to 500 additional ft/lbs of torque on DDEC V



Cummins Power Box
Silicone Viscous
Torsional Crank Dampers
Mercury Filled
Crankshaft Balancers
Blo-By Oil Trap
Pittsburgh Power
Turbo Blanket
Diesel Performance
Injectors & Pumps
Diesel Performance
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